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Tickets for the Arena Verona - the Verona Opera Festival
Verona Opera Festival, ticket booking online

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The Verona Opera Festival - ticket types and a guide to seating arrangements in the arena

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Every year, come Verona Opera Festival time, the arena is transformed into a homage to Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Bizet, Strauss, Donizetti - and scaffolding. The floor of the arena is turned into a gentle, stage-sloping platform, as is the lower half of the outer stone steps (as can be seen in the photograph below), and both of these areas are covered in 'proper' chairs with backs to them.

The best seats in the house are marked in gold and blue on the plan below (they're the darker red ones in the photograph), and are sold as 'Poltronissime'. The 'Potronissime Gold' occupy the central seats of the first 20 rows. The seats marked in pink on the plan (and showing as lighter red in the photograph) are still on the main floor of the arena, albeit slightly more peripheral - these are sold as 'Poltrone'.

The seats marked in green on the plan (sold as 'Gradinata Numerata') are found on the first tier of the surrounding steps. Again, these are proper seats, with backs, and can be seen ranging up from the arena floor in the photograph below. The seats marked in orange and on sale as 'Gradinata num. laterale' are the same thing again, just with a slightly less centred view of proceedings. The area full of people in the photograph below (marked in grey on the plan) is the non-reserved area, where you sit straight onto the stone seating (hence the cushion rentals) - tickitaly are currently not selling tickets for this area of the arena.

Verona Arena seating plan

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