October 28, 2016

Recent news:

Pitti Palace exhibition – Tempo reale e tempo della realta

Tempo reale e tempo della realtà - Gli orologi di Palazzo Pitti dal XVIII al XX secolo 13th September 2016 - 8th January 2017 Pitti Palace, Gallery of Modern Art, Florence This exhibition - 'Real Time and the Time of Reality, Clocks at Palazzo … [Read More]

Uffizi Exhibition – Scoperte e Massacri

Scoperte e Massacri, Ardengo Soffici e le Avanguardie a Firenze 27th September 2016 - 8th January 2017 Uffizi Gallery, Florence Ardengo Soffici (1879 - 1964) was a writer, critic and artist who played an enormous role in the Italian and larger … [Read More]

Uffizi exhibition – Fece di scoltura di legname e colori

'Fece di scoltura di legname e colori' Uffizi Gallery, Florence 22nd March - 28th August 2016 A most unusual exhibition focused on painted wooden sculpture from 15th century Florence and highlighting the tight bonds between sculpture and painted … [Read More]

Pitti Palace exhibition – ‘Buffoni, villani e giocatori’

'Buffoni, villani e giocatori alla corte dei Medici' Gallery of Modern Art, Pitti Palace 9th May - 11th September 2016 Roughly translated as 'Fools, Rogues and gamblers at the Medici Court', this exhibition of paintings from the 17th and 18th … [Read More]

Pitti Palace exhibition – ‘Splendida Minima’

Silver Museum, Pitti Palace, Florence 'Splendida Minima Piccole sculture preziose nelle collezioni medicee: dalla Tribuna di Francesco I de’ Medici al tesoro granducale' 21st June - 2nd November 2016 An exhibition of unusual and rare small … [Read More]

Teatro del Silenzio, Andrea Bocelli, 2017

As we do each year we give you the chance to sign up for advance notice of ticket sales for this event, so, here below is the signup form for the mailing list for the 2017 edition of Andrea Bocelli's famous July gathering. If you’d like to be … [Read More]

Rome, Colosseum after-dark tours 2016

If you’d like to be informed as soon as we are able to take orders for after-dark tours of the Colosseum in Rome (2016), then please provide your email address below (in the box under the ‘Email Address’ label) to sign up for notification. The tours … [Read More]

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