May 27, 2015

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Milan – Leonardo’s Vineyard – La Vigna di Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscan by birth, was a man who knew and liked his wine - his family were in the business. As part of his payment for the Last Supper tableau in Milan, he was given a vineyard by the then Duke of Milan. This vineyard meant a great … [Read More]


Last supper ticket bookings, 2015

At time of writing we are only able to confirm Last Supper bookings for dates up until the end of March. Ordinarily things would be clearer by this time, but details are yet to be confirmed. As soon as we have news (and are able to take bookings) … [Read More]


Rome, Domus Aurea update October 2014

October 2014 - although full restoration is not expected to be finished until - at least - 2018, we are, finally, able to take bookings for weekend tours of the Domus Aurea. These are fully guided tours and it must be stressed that you'll be seeing … [Read More]


Andrea Bocelli 2015 – all inclusive ticket offers

Just a very quick post to say that we've added a limited number of 'all-inclusive' packages for the 2015 edition of Andrea Bocelli's Teatro di Silenzio - click here for details. … [Read More]


Exhibition: The treasures of Mawangdui in Rome

'Le leggendarie tombe di Mawangdui. Arte e vita nella Cina del II secolo A.C.' Palazzo di Venezia, Rome 3rd July 2014 - 16th February 2015 If you’re visiting Rome, don’t miss this unique chance to see a selection of the incredible … [Read More]


Rome Exhibition: ‘Terry O’Neill: Pop Icons’, photographer to the stars

'Terry O'Neill. Pop Icons' Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Cipolla, Rome 18th April - 28th September 2014 If you’re interested in photography and pop culture, look no further than this exhibition, a collection of around fifty photographs by … [Read More]


Rome Exhibition: 450 years since Michelangelo’s death

'1564-2014. Michelangelo - Incontrare un artista universale' Musei Capitolini, Rome 27th May - 14th September 2014 This exhibition, hosted in Rome’s Musei Capitolini and running until the 14th September, has been staged in honour of the … [Read More]

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