February 6, 2016

Recent news:

Andrea Bocelli ‘Teatro di Silenzio’ 2016

We're now accepting orders for the 2016 edition of Andrea Bocelli's 'Teatro di Silenzio' event in the heart of Tuscany. We'll be adding more packages over coming days but are already offering various combinations of tickets, transport and … [Read More]

Pitti Palace exhibition – ‘I doni e le collezioni del Re’

Florence, Palatine Gallery at the Pitti Palace Exhibition - 'Firenze Capitale 1865-2015 – I doni e le collezioni del Re' Until April 3rd 2016 One of the last events of the 'un anno ad arte' initiative for a while - new directors at many of … [Read More]

Florence, Pitti Palace exhibition – ‘Il rigore e la grazia’

Florence, Pitti Palace (various galleries) Until 17th May 2016 Il rigore e la grazia: La compagnia di San Benedetto Bianco nel Seicento fiorentino A large exhibition, spread across the Boboli Gardens, The Museum of Silver and the Costume Museum … [Read More]

Accademia exhibition – Carlo Portelli

Florence, Galleria dell'Accademia 14th December 2015 - 17th April 2016 Exhibition 'Carlo Portelli, Pittore di Pregio' Certainly meriting the description 'relatively unknown', Carlo Portelli was a most skilled 16th century Florentine painter, … [Read More]

Rome, the reopened ‘Imperial Ramp’

Rome, the reopened 'Imperial Ramp' A splendid new addition to the list of Rome 'must sees' is the newly opened 'Imperial Ramp' - Rampa Imperiale di Domiziano' - the route that connected the Roman Forum with the Imperial Palaces of ancient … [Read More]

Rome, Catacombs of Saint Callixtus

LE CATACOMBE DI SAN CALLISTO - CATACOMBS OF SAINT CALLIXTUS Located away from the centre of Rome (a roughly fifteen minute taxi trip), the ancient Christian catacombs are a regular feature on many a 'the best thing we did in Rome' list. Dating … [Read More]

Teatro del Silenzio 2016, Andrea Bocelli concert

As of November 25th 2015 we are now accepting orders for the 2016 edition of Teatro di Silenzio - book quickly! As we do each year we give you the chance to sign up for advance notice of ticket sales for this event, so, here below is the signup … [Read More]

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