October 28, 2016


Rome, Colosseum after-dark tours 2016

If you’d like to be informed as soon as we are able to take orders for after-dark tours of the Colosseum in Rome (2016), then please provide your email address below (in the box under the ‘Email Address’ label) to sign up for notification. The tours are likely to start towards the end of June […]

Rome, the reopened ‘Imperial Ramp’

Rome, the reopened ‘Imperial Ramp’ A splendid new addition to the list of Rome ‘must sees’ is the newly opened ‘Imperial Ramp’ – Rampa Imperiale di Domiziano’ – the route that connected the Roman Forum with the Imperial Palaces of ancient Rome. It’s been a long journey – the route was rediscovered more than a […]

Rome, Catacombs of Saint Callixtus

LE CATACOMBE DI SAN CALLISTO – CATACOMBS OF SAINT CALLIXTUS Located away from the centre of Rome (a roughly fifteen minute taxi trip), the ancient Christian catacombs are a regular feature on many a ‘the best thing we did in Rome’ list. Dating from the early days of Christianity, the catacombs of the ‘Little Vatican’ […]

Rome, Domus Aurea update October 2014

October 2014 – although full restoration is not expected to be finished until – at least – 2018, we are, finally, able to take bookings for weekend tours of the Domus Aurea. These are fully guided tours and it must be stressed that you’ll be seeing very much a work-in-progress! Click here for tour details. […]

Exhibition: The treasures of Mawangdui in Rome

‘Le leggendarie tombe di Mawangdui. Arte e vita nella Cina del II secolo A.C.’ Palazzo di Venezia, Rome 3rd July 2014 – 16th February 2015 If you’re visiting Rome, don’t miss this unique chance to see a selection of the incredible treasures recovered from China’s Mawangdui archaeological site, currently on show in Palazzo Venezia, Rome […]

Rome Exhibition: ‘Terry O’Neill: Pop Icons’, photographer to the stars

‘Terry O’Neill. Pop Icons’ Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Cipolla, Rome 18th April – 28th September 2014 If you’re interested in photography and pop culture, look no further than this exhibition, a collection of around fifty photographs by Terry O’Neill, one of the most celebrated photographers of the 20th Century. The exhibition has been organised in […]

Rome Exhibition: 450 years since Michelangelo’s death

‘1564-2014. Michelangelo – Incontrare un artista universale’ Musei Capitolini, Rome 27th May – 14th September 2014 This exhibition, hosted in Rome’s Musei Capitolini and running until the 14th September, has been staged in honour of the passing of 450 years since the death of the great master, whose legacy and influence are represented by the […]

Andy Warhol Exhibition in Rome

‘Warhol’ Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Cipolla, Rome 18th April – 28th September 2014 Following its huge success in Milan, this fantastic Andy Warhol exhibition has moved to Rome, on display in the halls of the Museo della Fondazione Roma in Palazzo Cipolla. The Brant Foundation, founded by Peter Brant, curator of the exhibition, important art […]

Rome exhibition: The Etruscans in Cerveteri

‘Gli Etruschi e il Mediterraneo. La città di Cerveteri’ Palazzo delle esposizioni, Rome 15th April – 20th July 2014 This collection, organised in collaboration with the Louvre-Lens museum in northern France, aims to take a close look at one of history’s most fascinating ancient cultures, the Etruscans. The exhibition focuses on the town of Cerveteri, […]

Notte dei Musei 2014

This Saturday, May 17th 2014, is the annual incarnation of ‘Night At The Musem’, where countless Italian museums remain open until 11, 12 o’clock at night with either free or greatly reduced entrance fees. For example, in Florence, the following galleries and museums will be open from early evening, with an entrance price of just […]