January 17, 2017

Rome, Colosseum – tours of the dungeons and upper level

Tours of the Colosseum dungeons, Rome

We announced at the weekend that these were coming, and here they are! Availability is limited, and for now it looks as though these tours will only run until the end of November 2010. It seems quite likely that this first-run will be to assess the impact of these tours, as some are expressing concern that high visitor numbers wil damage these newly-restored areas (it’s not been possible to visit the third level of the Colosseum for over 40 years!), so assuming all goes well we expect to be able to offer additional dates before too long.

The subterranean complex (ipogei) was what made the enormous Colosseum and its enormous gatherings function; it was in the bowels of the Colosseum that wild animals from all corners of the Empire were marshalled, and it was where the gladiators had their cells, or pits, the chambers where they were left to contemplate their impending trials. Read some news on the history of these restoration works in this press release from the Italian news agency.

Reserve tours to visit the underground and dungeon areas of the Colosseum, Rome
Colosseum – visitor information

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