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Follow the path of Robert Langdon from Dan Brown's novel Inferno through some of the most striking buildings in Florence:
- discover the 'Cerca Trova' (seek and you shall find) message and Dante's death mask.
- view Dante's house and the Baptistery.
- Includes a 24 hour ticket to get into the Duomo, climb Giotto's tower and visit the Opera del Duomo museum

The tour starts in the Palazzo Vecchio, with a visit to the imposing Salone dei Cinquecento, notable for its huge frescoes by Vasari with the mysterious message 'cerca trova' - seek and you shall find. The Chamber also features statues of the Medici family and Michelangelo's 'The Genius of Victory'. You will then proceed to the apartments of the Grand Duchess Eleonora, viewing the death mask of Dante Alighieri, and end up in the Stanza del Guardaroba - the hall of maps with the secret passage used by Langdon to escape from the Palazzo.

Leaving the Palazzo Vecchio, the tour follows the same path as Langdon, passing the tower where Mr Zobrist commits suicide and Leonardo da Vinci's house, and visiting the home and church of Dante Alighieri.

The tour then arrives at the spectacular Duomo and enters the Baptistery where you can see the plaque featuring the 'black death', the splendid 'Gates of Paradise' and the crowning mosaic ceiling.

After the tour, and for the following 24 hours, your ticket will grant you admittance to the Cupola and the Campanile with it's breathtaking view over Florence. It also covers entrance to the remains of the ancient cathedral and to the Opera del Duomo museum.

Please note that since the tour includes a visit to religious buildings there is a strict dress code - please do not wear shorts, sleeveless tee-shirts or other inappropriate clothing or you may be denied entry.

The tour lasts 3 hours and runs from April to October – on Mondays , Wednesdays and Saturdays and from November to March only on Saturday.
This tour is not available on the first Saturday of every month.

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5 stars
AuntieF, United States
18th Sep 2016
The guide was great, very informative and had wonderful personality. We didn't get a chance to tip her and we couldn't remember her name. She made us very anxious to see the movie to put all the pieces together
5 stars
GS, Argentina
27th Aug 2016
Nuestro guía se llamaba Alberto. Un gran conocedor del tema, de Florencia, de los museos. Una persona muy agradable que justificó plenamente la inversión. Es más, volvería a Florencia para repetir este gran momento. Muchas gracias por todo Alberto!!!
5 stars
AV, South Africa
4th May 2016
Excellent, now we cant wait to see the film! All the extra general information , was brilliant. Thank you
5 stars
EA, United States
28th Jan 2016
Highly recommend this tour. You get a real sense of how the Medici family lived and ruled over the city.
5 stars
DG, United States
31st Aug 2015
The visit was excellent and Andre was an excellent guide. My three companions had not read Dan Brown's Inferno and he gave a great condensed version of the story so they could understand what they were seeing. We were a small group and he gave us a tour we will remember. I am waiting patiently and hopefully for the movie to come out in time and will appreciate the tour even more at that time as important points were made by Andre involving the book. After the movie I expect you all will be very busy. Thanks for everything.
5 stars
BK, South Africa
12th Aug 2015
The tour was more than we expected. It was so informative and interesting and our guide Beatrice was so informed, humourous and entertaining.