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Three hour guided tour.
Vatican Museums, St Peter's & Sistine Chapel.

A three-hour, English-language, guided tour in the company of an art historian.

Explore some of the world's greatest art collections in the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica.
“Tour was wonderful! Our tour guide was great and very knowledgeable, and she kept things moving at a good pace. Our group only had 8 people, which created a very personalized experience (despite being among thousands of people visiting the Vatican at the same time). Would highly recommend.” TT, USA.
“Fantastic tour, glad we did it in November & not summer time. The tour guide was extremely knowledgable & friendly. I was recommended Tickitaly & I will recommend to friends etc.”.

DF, United Kingdom.

Customer reviews for: Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's guided tour - 3 hours

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4.5 out of 5 stars from 98 customers. 70 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
EM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
24th Jan 2019
Fantastic tour around the Vatican and St Peters, tour guide was amazing - her knowledge of the museum pieces and art was really impressive and kept it interesting throughout. 3 hours flew by - nothing negative to say about this tour - second time we have used tickitaly and both experiences very good.
5 stars
JB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
6th Nov 2018
Really great and informative!
5 stars
JW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1st Nov 2018
Excellent experience and excellent guide, slightly busier than expected at this time of year (Nov)
5 stars
KD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
9th Aug 2018
Tour guide was amazing and knew his stuff! He really made the tour for us.
5 stars
DD, Ireland
13th Mar 2018
What a tour!!!! Our guide was incredible so knowledgeable couldn't have been better. Absolutely fantastic and great value for money
5 stars
MB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11th Mar 2018
Our guide was a little late in getting started but to be honest, her knowledge and interaction with the group was fantastic, couldn’t fault her at all.
5 stars
PD, Canada
12th Jan 2018
Due to the size and amount of information, the tour felt a little rushed although very informative.
5 stars
NR, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th Jan 2018
Excellent tour
5 stars
LL, United States
19th Oct 2017
This was clearly the highlight of our time in Rome. The tour guide was excellent. Our wait time for the tour to get started was minimal. The only comment I would have is that the gift shop where we met is the best Vatican gift shop and those gifts are not available elsewhere. Tour participants should be advised that they will not be able to return to make purchases there if they do the full tour.
5 stars
JK, Canada
8th Aug 2017
Great guided tour, received lots of information about each place from the guide.
5 stars
ME, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
2nd Aug 2017
Superb tour with a very knowledgeable guide
5 stars
LS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
31st Jul 2017
Our tour guide Valeria was excellent. Her knowledge of facts and figures was first class. An excellent experience made by an excellent tour guide
5 stars
TP, Netherlands
30th Apr 2017
The guided tour was very interesting and very good to follow. We had an American guide who was living in Italy now and he knew all there is to know. Also very amusing with anecdotes.
5 stars
NG, South Africa
10th Apr 2017
Great tour! Well organized confusion about where to meet or headsets that weren't working. Difficult to keep up with the group but that was just due to the large numbers of visitors at the Vatican ...not so much the guide who tried her best to keep track of everyone. Very enjoyable tour!
5 stars
CD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Apr 2017
Very well informed tour guide!
5 stars
Irene United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Mar 2017
Excellent tour. Would use again.
5 stars
CH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Mar 2017
Excellent. Guide could not have been more friendly helpful and informative. Can't think of anything that would have made it better
5 stars
KC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
29th Jan 2017
Erik was a very good guide and had lots of information about the paintings and the chapel and basillica. The audio system worked well so that you could hear him clearly. The only negative was that it was so busy and the chapel was full of people and you could only stay for 15minutes.
5 stars
CJ, Australia
21st Aug 2016
Fabulous tour and the lady we had was very informative. The 3 hours went very quickly did not drag on at all.
5 stars
KM, Canada
14th Aug 2016
We enjoyed it very much. Very quick entry to the facility. The guided tour throughout was very well done.

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