Domus Aurea.

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Nero's 'Golden House' is still only open at weekends, and still may only be explored as part of a guided tour. The recently included virtual reality sections give an amazing insight into Ancient Roman life.
“The tour guide was excellent. We have visited the Domus Aurea before but did not clearly understand its design. Your tour guide explained everything very well. Please pass on our thanks”.

SP, United Kingdom.
“This is a stunning tour, with Federica an outstanding, energetic, knowledgeable guide”. Marco, United States.

“Most amazing tour. I have traveled a lot but this is the first time I have seen VR incorporated into a tour. Awesome!” AB, United States

Customer reviews for: Domus Aurea & Circus Maximus Exclusive Tour (3 hours 15 minutes)

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4.8 out of 5 stars from 40 customers. 38 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
KH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Jun 2017
Very good tour especially the virtual reality part
5 stars
PE, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
20th May 2017
Both guides were friendly and informative and the whole experience was something I will not forget. The virtual reality in the domus aurea was out of this world and the tour of the circus maximus was really interesting.
5 stars
ES, Sweden
19th May 2017
Very interesting! Excellent guides!
5 stars
MD, United States
6th May 2017
This was our favorite experience in Italy over the course of three weeks (in terms of visiting a historical site). Our guide was excellent and she shared her passion and expertise freely. I would highly recommend any tour with Tickitaly based upon our experiences with 2 tours.
5 stars
AG, Belgium
30th Apr 2017
The visit was very interesting and well organised! Thank you!
5 stars
KM, United States
25th Apr 2017
Our guide was great, though the headsets started having issues when more than 10 feet away from the guide. Given that it was a larger tour group, being close enough to avoid the static was difficult at times. Our guide was great. She was informative and personable. Inreally enjoyed the tour.
5 stars
HH, Norway
20th Apr 2017
Very interesting at both sites. Excellent guides.
5 stars
MP, United States
19th Apr 2017
Was exciting and very interesting to visit the Domus Aurea. I will look forward to future visits as the stabilization and cleaning proceeds. Thank you!
5 stars
DD, Belgium
10th Apr 2017
Great tour. Very good guide. Spectacular visit of the Domus Aurea.
5 stars
KW, United States
27th Mar 2017
The tour guides were superior, thorough, and knowledgable. Only low point was walking from Circus Maximus to the Domus... little tiring for older tourists.
5 stars
TO, United States
26th Mar 2017
Excellent tour guide for both Circus Maximus and Domus Aurea. I have highly recommended this tour to others. Virtual reality demonstration at end of Domus Aurea tour is very effective in helping to see the structure in all its glory before being destroyed.
4 stars
CN, Denmark
10th Jun 2018
Your guide Deborah Marchioro in Circus Maximus was really good, many stars from here, your guide in Domus Aurea was dificult to understand, speaking too low and unprecise
4 stars
HM, United States
30th Dec 2017
it was a decent tour, but with the bicycle race, people kept showing up late- some QUITE late, and we would have to listen to a recap of what we'd already heard. it was a bit tiresome.
4 stars
LG, United States
21st May 2017
Your guide at Circus Maximus was great really great. The one from Domus Aurea had a very thick Italian accent and was not as knowledgeable as your guide so that part of the tour was a bit dull.
4 stars
WS, Australia
13th May 2017
Circus Maximus was pretty average. Could have done it without a guide. Domus was brilliant, recommended for anyone with an interest in Rome.
4 stars
DJ, United States
25th Apr 2017
Circus Maximus is pretty much a waste of time. No need for a guide there. Domus Aurea was excellent
AW, Canada
24th Jul 2017
Outstanding tour with incredibly knowlegeable and interesting guides. One of the best tour we have ever expereinced!
JS, United States
25th Mar 2017
We loved the visit to Circus Maximus. Our guide had more knowledge than Google.

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