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A wide range of guided tours of the Vatican: the Museums, St Peter's, the Sistine Chapel & the Vatican Gardens.
“What a tour!!!! Our guide was incredible so knowledgeable couldn't have been better. Absolutely fantastic and great value for money”.
DD, Ireland.

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“Our guide was Tremendous! The tour was jaw droppingly gorgeous!”
SS, United States.

“Our tour was everything we expected and our guide Alfredo was the best. Very knowledgeable and polite. Would definitely recommend this site to friends and family.” SM, United States.

Customer reviews for: 'Privileged entry' Vatican & Sistine tour - 3.5 hours

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4.8 out of 5 stars from 34 customers. 28 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
AT, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1st Oct 2017
Absolutely loved it. Our tour guide was amazing and I'd go back again in a heartbeat.
5 stars
WD, United States
18th Sep 2017
Our tour guide, Ele, was simply fantastic. She made this tour SO interesting and exciting. Besides having an encyclopedic knowledge of history and art, she obviously was in love with the culture around her. We drank in every word. The three and a half hours of this tour passed by before we knew it. What an amazing and memorable experience. Thank you, Ele!!
5 stars
MC, United States
31st Aug 2017
Also wonderful.. definitely worth getting up early to limit the crowd size. And the guide was wonderful. Will go back to see more of the Vatican with Rick Steve's guide.
5 stars
ND, United States
24th Jul 2017
Our guide was FANTASTIC, she was so knowledgeable and fun. It was definitely worth paying the extra money to get inside the Sistine Chapel before the crowds came in. Finding the guide was incredibly easy and it was very well run. If you want to see the Sistine Chapel in a less crowded time, have a smart tour guide, then this is definitely worth the money.
5 stars
SG, United States
10th Jul 2017
It was excellent. I highly recommend the 7:30am tour. By getting in early we were able to spend some relatively quiet time in the Sistine Chapel. Our tour circled back through the Sistine Chapel about an hour later and it was over crowed. It was a treat to experience the Chapel early where you could sit, stand and move around quietly and respectfully. Our guide was excellent. She was an anthropologist and provided an informative and entertaining tour. The quality of the tour exceed our expectations.
5 stars
AH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
28th Jun 2017
The guide was excellent really knowledgeable and efficient and suggested we do things the opposite way round to the rest so no queuing Italian German lady but I cant remember her name pass on our thanks from Grace and Sophie
5 stars
MZ, United States
30th May 2017
This tour was beyond our expectations. Our guide, Anna, was delightful. Our early access gave us unrestricted views of the Vatican and especially the Sistine Chapel. The sheer volume and quality of the art is staggering, but having Anna guide us and share her passion and knowledge made the experience truly special. She was articulate, knowledgeable, and respectful of the history of the Vatican and its collections, and her enthusiasm and love of art was palpable. This tour was the perfect introduction, but we definitely need to return and visit again (and again, and again...) and we intend to book again via Tickitaly when we do. Thank you (and especially Ana) for making our 1st trip to Rome as amazing as we always dreamed!!!
5 stars
HS, Qatar
21st May 2017
Perfect no issues , best to book with tickitaly . Good guide explained about Vatican in detail .
5 stars
BO, Australia
25th Apr 2017
I booked our tickets through They were easy to deal with and the English guide we had was wonderful. I would recommend this company to anybody that is looking for an easy, stress free trip through the Vatican.
5 stars
AF, Australia
25th Apr 2017
Our guide for that tour was fantastic. Very informative and a great sense of humour.
5 stars
IV, Netherlands
3rd Apr 2017
5 stars
AG, United States
2nd Apr 2017
Fabi was a wonderful guide! She was an expert at navigating the crowds, and the information she provided was interesting without being overwhelming.
5 stars
JC, United States
13th Mar 2017
An amazing opportunity to be inside the Sistine Chapel before the general crowd - well worth the private tour price.
5 stars
MM, United States
25th Feb 2017
The tour was excellent. Our guide showed up a little late so there was initial concern if we were at the proper location. A guide from a different company was assembling his group and confirmed for all of us that we at the correct spot and our guide would be there soon. Once she arrived everything was fine. The ship the line feature was well worth the cost.
5 stars
AK, Australia
19th Feb 2017
5 stars
LE, United States
28th Jan 2017
The visit was excellent. I can think of no improvements to suggest.
5 stars
PL, United States
19th Oct 2016
Our guide was fantastic!
5 stars
LJ, United States
16th Oct 2016
Our guide "RAFFA" was absolutely terrific. And we were very LUCKY to be the only two people on the tour.
5 stars
CM, Germany
11th Oct 2016
Guide was fantastic, very insightful and helpful
5 stars
MB, United Arab Emirates
8th Oct 2016
Good pace to cover most of the Vatican Tourist spots

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