Dungeon Tours.

Guided tours of the Colosseum underground areas.

The dungeons and underground areas of the Colosseum are only able to be visited as part of a guided tour.

Availability is notoriously thin on the ground, and booking in advance is well-nigh mandatory!
“This tour was amazing from entering the arena floor and the dungeons we found the knowledge of the guide exceptional. The Forum was equally as good. Five star experience.”
JV, United Kingdom
“The tour was great and our guide was very knowledgeable. He was interesting to listen to as well as funny. It was a long tour but this gave us time to see and learn so much. Thank you. I'd definitely use you again if I visit Rome.”
AB, United Kingdom.

Customer reviews for: Colosseum, dungeons & Forum, 3 hour tour (small groups SGT2)

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4.9 out of 5 stars from 15 customers. 13 of them wrote reviews:

5 stars
SB, Ireland
4th Jul 2016
The tour was divided into two groups to view the dungeons ect with one group going first and the second group going 20 minutes later Would have preferred not to have to wait to continue the tour given we had children with us If there is a wait time I think the groups with children should be accommodated first so they are not waiting around in the heat
5 stars
VT, United States
2nd Jul 2016
The tour was interesting and was able to see the top and bottom tier, take some nice walking shoes.
5 stars
BA, Australia
18th Jun 2016
Our your guide Deborah was knowledge and very friendly. As we booked all the way to top of Coloseum and dungeons it would of been nice to have her all the way through and not have to join other groups.
5 stars
JL, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Jun 2016
Booking tickets really easy. Instructions simple and meeting tour guide was easy was exactly where she said. Tour brilliant and your guide was lovely and really knew her stuff.
5 stars
AW, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11th Jun 2016
Our guide Alfredo was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable & engaging with his tour. Thank you!
5 stars
JC, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
18th May 2016
This was a brilliant tour, with a lovely, friendly and knowledgeable guide, Deborah. I've been to the Colosseum before, but going to the underground part and the third tier really brought it to life. The Forum was also incredibly interesting. Not the cheapest way to visit the Colosseum, but I'm really glad we did it. We actually had a 3.5 hour tour, but at the end Deborah thanked us all, said goodbye and raced off before we could give her a well deserved tip.
5 stars
MN, Australia
14th May 2016
Very good tour. Is was great to see the upper levels and the basement of the Colosseum. Our guide was very good and kept a good pace.
5 stars
JH, Australia
11th May 2016
Wonderful visit. One of the best experiences of our 10 week holiday!
5 stars
KR, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
10th May 2016
Slightly wet with rain but none the less we had a small group once again with our guide who took us around the outer parts of the colosseum and Rome forum. We were passed over to a colosseum expert for the underground and top level tour who was very intuitive. Would recommend this tour also.
5 stars
JL, United States
10th May 2016
This tour is really worth doing, you get to skip the lines and go to restricted areas in a small group! The guides knew a lot of info, pointed out details that you wouldn't notice on your own and answered questions! Also we got great pics away from all of the crowds!
5 stars
DS, Australia
2nd May 2016
Fantastic tour - highly recommended. The TickItaly tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The Colosseum tour guide was also great.
5 stars
LM, New Zealand
16th Apr 2016
Well informed, English speaking guides. Efficient and organised. Great morning.
4 stars
ML, United States
12th Jun 2016
The Colosseum tour was INCREDIBLE. Best thing we did in Rome. The Forum part was a little less impressive, but still cool.

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