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Colosseum, dungeons & Forum, 3 hour tour (small groups SGT1)

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5 stars
AU, Australia
13th Apr 2018
Not sure if we had access to the very top of the Colosseum, as my other other travelling companions did. But if we did, it was disappointing that we werent made aware. But all in all very interesting and breathtaking tour
5 stars
SC, Australia
8th Apr 2018
Easy to book tickets. Guide was very knowledgeable, engaging and easy to understand.
5 stars
SF, United States
24th Mar 2018
This was an amazing tour and our guide was wonderful. Our guide was so knowledgeable and used a great technique to show us what the area would have looked like at the height of the Roman Empire. She answered every question we had and was so kind. Her English was perfect and this tour was truly the highlight of our trip.
5 stars
GS, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
27th Aug 2016
Very interesting and nice to be able to go into the off limits areas to the general admission crowd. The views from below and above the arena floor were inspiring.
5 stars
TJ, New Zealand
5th Jul 2016
Our tour guide was charming and provided an easy to understand explanation of the Roman Forum & the Colosseum. She was very friendly while ensuring we got to everything in the time allowed.
5 stars
CS, United States
30th Jun 2016
Love the small group of only 6 people. The tour was excellent!
5 stars
CB, Canada
24th Jun 2016
Well worth taking the guided tour!
5 stars
AB, United States
22nd Jun 2016
Our guide was excellent! We really appreciated the photo overlays that gave us a better idea of what Ancient Rome really looked like. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone visiting the Roman Forum and Colosseum - the guide really helped us understand what we were looking at. Fabulous tour!
5 stars
AL, United States
20th Jun 2016
Fantastic tour. Maria G was a wealth of knowledge and gave an excellent tour to our group of 6. Very friendly and we all left with a much better understanding of the history of Rome....this tour is the only way one should see the Colosseum and Forum. Well worth the money.
5 stars
DH, United States
14th Jun 2016
Both tour guides were great. Getting through the lines went smoothly. The transition from the Forum to the Colosseum and coordinating the transition from one tour guise to another went very well.
5 stars
JP, New Zealand
9th Jun 2016
The tour did not disappoint and we went in with high expectation. Outstanding guide. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and interacted with her group well both as a whole and on a more individual level.
5 stars
Matt, Austin TX
6th Jun 2016
The tour and tour guide was awesome! Fantastic experience for my and my two teenagers. It was a June, so the walk through the Roman Forum was a bit hot but still neat to see. Some feedback: The walkie talkies in the Colosseum would have been much more useful with earphones.
5 stars
LM, United States
3rd Jun 2016
Our guide was great! Skipping the line was so worth it and being able to go in the dungeon and to the upper level made our visit amazing!
5 stars
CK, United States
31st May 2016
Although it was extremely hot, the tour was really informative. Learned so much more than I could have on my own.
5 stars
NK, Australia
25th May 2016
Our guide was very informative and engaging, we really enjoyed our tour.
5 stars
LP, United States
17th May 2016
WE really enjoyed this tour. We learned a lot about the forum and colosseum and loved the dungeons as well. You could also tell how much the tour guide enjoyed telling us the information about the sites.
5 stars
BM, United States
17th May 2016
Alfredo was great. Polite and very knowledgable about Ancient Rome. I'd do this tour again.
5 stars
CH, United States
13th May 2016
My son and I loved the Colosseum tour and he was really amazed that we were able to enjoy the top level and the dungeons without a huge crowd around us. Great tour guide who really knew the history and interesting anecdotes about the sites.
5 stars
RW, Australia
12th May 2016
I can't remember our guide's name but she was absolutely marvelous. Going in a small group was definitely better than being part of a larger tour group. The tour of the Colosseum (even though we were part of a larger group) was still fantastic and it was great that our tour guide gave us further information before we proceeded to the forum. The guide's knowledge of the forum was also amazing. My husband and I had an amazing time on this tour and would highly recommend this tour again.
5 stars
RS, United States
9th May 2016
we enjoyed our trip and the tour was awesome Our tour guide Helena was very good Extremely knowledgable and a great personallity

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