A guided tour lasting 70 minutes.

A guided tour of the Colosseum and it's lower levels and dungeons.

Cost includes entrance to the Forum areas, but they're not part of the tour itself.
“Tickets were exactly as described and much more affordable than all other similar trips. Was great to see the underground and was able to spend as much time as we wanted at the other sites. Great deal and experience!” JS, USA.
“I would definitely recommend this tour. It was very easy to get our tickets and our guide was extremely informative and we were able to go into parts of the colloseum that general public aren't allowed to go. Overall would definitely purchase from tickitaly again.” CV, UK.

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4.6 out of 5 stars from 57 customers. 40 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
Bev, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
28th Jun 2016
Our tour of the colosseum upper and lower levels was extremely educational and informative. The tour quide was very knowledgeable and I would highly recommended this tour. Tickitaly are a very professional and offer low cost tours and the booking process was simple A fantastic day. Thank you
5 stars
SH, Australia
30th May 2016
The visit and the guide was excellent. We enjoyed the tour very much.
5 stars
EL, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
14th May 2016
Tour was with an official colosseum tour guide and she was excellent. Do not visit the colosseum without paying to do these extra tours as you will only leave disappointed. Standing in the stage on the arena, seeing how horrible the conditions were in the dungeon and going up to third level for a great, crowd free view are all things that shouldn't be missed.
5 stars
DJ, United States
5th May 2016
Amazing tour! Took us to places that normal tourists would not be able to gain access to. Seeing the lower and upper levels was awesome - I would highly recommend this to anyone who visits the Colosseum. Must-do tour!
5 stars
RP, United States
3rd May 2016
the booking process for the tour was fast and tickets came in email within few minutes. our guide was great!!
5 stars
BRM, United States
30th Apr 2016
The upper and lower tour of the Colosseum was incredible. In fact, it was one of the highlights of our trip that took us to Rome and Athens. The young Italian lady who served as our guide spoke excellent English. Her education that was Art History added to her knowledge of the Colosseum. When we were there, we arrived about an hour and a half ahead of time. Although you are able to take the "left" fast line to the ticket "reservation" desk to pick up your tickets after passing through security...that left "fast" line still had a bit of a line....not quite the same as the right side....but, it still took awhile to get to the desk. We had plenty of time...but, I would not suggest waiting until the last minute to get there. You will not walk right up to the "reservation" will have a line. We couldn't have been more pleased with Tickitaly...take your reservation and show your passport to the reservation desk and you too will be going behind locked gates. You will see levels at the Colosseum while others tourists enviously or why do they get to go into that area or level?
5 stars
VD, Australia
16th Apr 2016
Great guide.. Very personable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Only thing I could say would be to make it a little clearer on the meeting point inside the Colosseum. The staff inside the Colosseum directed us upstairs when our meeting point was downstairs. Other than that it was easy.
5 stars
KK, United States
8th Feb 2016
we loved the colosseum!
5 stars
CV, United States
28th Dec 2015
Great Tour!! We enjoy all the information that the tour guide provided to us.
5 stars
PA, United States
21st Dec 2015
Worth the extra cash to see the whole coliseum. The Guide was great. It was a little difficult to hear through the provided lower quality audio guides. Definitely Reccomend for a family of 4 with two early teenage kids.
5 stars
CB, United States
22nd Sep 2015
The guide we had was wonderful - very informative, engaged, enthusiastic, and funny. The group size was about 15-20 people, which was great (other tour groups we saw were much larger and seemed unwieldy). There were plenty of opportunities to take photos, and the views from the upper tier of seating as well as the floor of in the Colosseum were wonderful. We highly recommend taking the tour of the upper and lower floors!
5 stars
AS, United States
7th Jul 2015
Awesome tour and tour guide. The dungeons are well worth seeing! The tour guide did a great job of walking the group thru the history in an organized manner.
4 stars
DB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th Jul 2016
The actual guided tour was perfect but the directions about where to present the voucher at the Colisseum need to be updated. The local staff there did not know and we were directed to several different queues before finding the right one. It is far from clear when you get there. Several other people on the same tour had the same problem and missed the start of the tour. Action required, TickItaly!
4 stars
Klijn, United States
15th May 2016
Another group on an existing tour handing off to the new tour guide made things a little confusing. Otherwise, very satisfied!
4 stars
RM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15th Apr 2016
Excellent tour, have only given 4 star as despite the voucher stating that you present it at the ticket desk inside the main entrance we were still directed to the very long queue outside to get our tickets. Almost missed the tour even though we arrived an hour early as advised.
3 stars
NF, Canada
18th Apr 2017
To get into the colosseum is very disorganized and hectic. Everyone was telling us to go in different directions. We arrived an hour early as suggested and then were told to come back later and as a result almost missed our tour. However the colosseum was fascinating and amazing to see we also got to go to more secluded areas where there was not as many people which was nice. Although I personally do not believe that the price of the tickets is worth what you are getting the actual tour was just okay.
3 stars
CG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
7th Jul 2016
Enjoyed the tour butnwas difficult to hear/understand the tour guide.
3 stars
AC, New Zealand
30th Jun 2016
The tour was great and we loved the experience. Our guide had a very thick Italian accent that we found difficult to understand, therefore we missed much information she was imparting.
2 stars
RS, United States
1st Jul 2015
My wife and I loved the tour, but the organization at the Colosseum is HORRIBLE! This was not tickitaly's fault. The staff at the Colosseum are VERY unhelpful- we almost missed our tour as they kept directing us to the wrong places! We arrived an hour early, and we still almost missed it!
LM, United States
2nd Sep 2016
The small group tour was very good. Our guide was knowledagble and patient. She also helped with moving between levels by accomodating us on the lift.

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