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The Borghese Gallery - Galleria Borghese.

An absolute 'must-see' in Rome.

Pre-booking is a must as availability outstrips demand throughout the year.
“Really wonderful gallery made a really great visit by the limited number of people allowed at any one time”. PH, UK.

“You really need to book tickets in advance to see these museums and special places. I witnessed those without prior tickets getting turned away”. RH, USA.
“The Borghese Gallery is an incredible place, there is so much confined in the one gallery. The only problem is that the tickets sell out so you need to book well in advance!”. VV, Australia.

“Wonderful and made our trip to Rome special”. RS, UK.

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4.7 out of 5 stars from 206 customers. 117 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
RP, United States
3rd May 2018
Delightful, impressive. I very like Bernini's sculptures, and I wasn't disappointed to see a lot of them. I very like that every room has its own theme. Paintings and sculptures are very well situated, you can enjoy them from different points
5 stars
WK, Netherlands
10th Apr 2018
you did your best to make it easy for an arthistorian as me - thanks !
5 stars
BC, United States
8th Feb 2018
The Borghese Gallery was one of the very best things we saw in our three-week trip. Nothing like seeing art in the place it was intended to be.
5 stars
RM, United States
26th Jan 2018
The Villa Borghese Gallery was a beautiful building with phenomenal works of art.
5 stars
EM, United States
29th Sep 2017
It was wonderful. Thank you for making it so straightforward!
5 stars
SB, Canada
24th Sep 2017
5 stars
WP, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
8th Sep 2017
One of the highlights of our visit to Rome. The sculptures are magnificent!
5 stars
RC, United States
2nd Sep 2017
This was our fourth (4th) visit to the gallery, and we are still awed by the collection. Walk through the gardens to Piazza de Spagna was enchanting.
5 stars
TL, United States
27th Aug 2017
Very interesting tour
5 stars
KA, United States
10th Aug 2017
Glad for the prompt timed entrance. I wish Florence did the same. Borghese is my favorite gallery!!
5 stars
AM, Canada
6th Aug 2017
A taxi took us the correct gallery entrance. We were very impressed with the Borghese Gallery's smaller size. It a real gem to visit and packed with fabulous art and sculptures. Touring the grounds and park after was enjoyable on a Sunday with all locals Italians around. We even walked back to our hotel and down the Spanish Steps. It was a great afternoon. You must have a ticket reservations to get into this gallery so Tickitaly was perfect.
5 stars
RC, Australia
1st Aug 2017
This was a return visit after a few years and still enjoyed our visit as much as the first time
5 stars
JH, Australia
20th Jul 2017
I loved how you limit the volume of people coming into the gallery at one time and 2 hours was a correct amount of time. Our favourite gallery in Rome.
5 stars
VV, Australia
22nd Jun 2017
The Borghese Gallery is an incredible place, there is so much confined in the one gallery. The only problem is that the tickets sell out so you need to book well in advance!
5 stars
KAR, Germany
21st Jun 2017
it was a great visit
5 stars
KA, Canada
11th Jun 2017
Great visit
5 stars
TV, Ireland
6th Jun 2017
It is a beautiful gallery. I came to see paintings by Rubens and Carravaggio. I was not disappointed. The works of Bernini were breathtaking
5 stars
BM, Australia
6th Jun 2017
this was the best art gallery I have been to in Rome. the layout was great and the rooms flowed very well into the next. I would have got an audioguide, but had already checked my bag before finding out where to get one.
5 stars
RI, United States
30th May 2017
What a great place - loved it! The audio guide was very good as well
5 stars
DD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
29th May 2017
wonderful gallery

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