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The Borghese Gallery - Galleria Borghese.

An absolute 'must-see' in Rome.

Pre-booking is a must as availability outstrips demand throughout the year.
“Really wonderful gallery made a really great visit by the limited number of people allowed at any one time”. PH, UK.

“You really need to book tickets in advance to see these museums and special places. I witnessed those without prior tickets getting turned away”. RH, USA.
“The Borghese Gallery is an incredible place, there is so much confined in the one gallery. The only problem is that the tickets sell out so you need to book well in advance!”. VV, Australia.

“Wonderful and made our trip to Rome special”. RS, UK.

Customer reviews for: Borghese Gallery tickets (includes e-book guide)

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4.7 out of 5 stars from 215 customers. 121 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
AG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th Nov 2019
5 stars
MD, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
16th Aug 2019
Very enjoyable visit.
5 stars
FM, Romania
14th Aug 2019
Visit at Borghese Gallery was perfect
5 stars
AO, United States
10th Aug 2019
5 stars
RG, South Africa
7th Aug 2019
Although the ticket issued by Tickitaly stated that we could take photographs, when we arrived at Gallery Borghese this was not the case. The art works are superb.
5 stars
KU, Germany
26th May 2019
It was a real hightlight
5 stars
MP, United States
28th Apr 2019
I’ll be back. Amazing experience. A true gem in Rome
5 stars
KS, Bulgaria
11th Apr 2019
The gallery was totally worth the money, amazing experience, wonderful art collection. Unfortunately a little hard to understand where to leave your bag, because the staff, especially the ladies at the entrance, do not speak much English. Umbrellas are not allowed in, but there is a place where you can leave your things and get a number, so you can collect them later
5 stars
MF, United States
9th Apr 2019
Our visit was excellent and the ebook was a great help.
5 stars
KC, United States
17th Mar 2019
Loved going back
5 stars
JA, United States
26th Feb 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Borghese Galleria in Rome. The price of these advance tickets from Tickitaly,com was far less than most other ticket outlets.
5 stars
JF, United States
4th Feb 2019
Fabulous museum and due to timed tickets not crowded. Get the audio guide!
5 stars
SG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
23rd Jan 2019
Easy to exchange voucher for tickets. Excellent audio - easy to use. Loved the whole experience - would recommend!!
5 stars
TK, Greece
4th Dec 2018
amazing visit in the Borghese Gallery
5 stars
JL, United States
13th Nov 2018
Borghese gallery was amazing
5 stars
DM, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
11th Oct 2018
Our visit to the Borghese gallery and park was a fabulous experience. The staff were very polite and helpful. The gallery has some fabulous art work, our favourite being the statue of Apollo and Daphne by Bernini. I would definitely recommend the gallery to anyone visiting Rome.
5 stars
HH, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
12th Sep 2018
Excellent visit. Amazing sculpture and paintings
5 stars
PH, United Kingdom l(Great Britain)
6th Sep 2018
Really wonderful gallery made a really great visit by the limited number of people allowed at any one time.
5 stars
MK, United States
14th Jul 2018
We enjoined our visit Borghese Gallery and very happy that we avoided a big queue. Thanks
5 stars
KL, France
18th Jun 2018
The visit was a great pleasure as there were not too many people making it easy to admire all the treasures

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