Morning Tour

Three-and-a-half hour guided tour of the
Vatican, St Peter's, and the Sistine Chapel.

A 3.5 hour morning guided tour of the Vatican Museums, St Peter's Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel.
“Truly a Five Star Tour! Staff so knowledgable, respectful and friendly and helpful. Our guide was remarkable! Thank you Cecilia.”
CR, Canada.
“Our guide was highly knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. She had a big group to handle and the audio helped us to keep up with the tour. We were very satisfied with the booking system, tour duration and the tour guide services.”
MM, United Kingdom.

Customer reviews for: Vatican, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter Walking Tour - around 3.5 hours

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4.2 out of 5 stars from 133 customers. 93 of them wrote reviews:

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5 stars
KM, Canada
13th Jun 2015
Our guide was amazing and we learned a lot we had so much fun on the tour and we seen everything on our list that we wanted to a wonderful day and a great experience
5 stars
RP, United States
11th Jun 2015
Again a very good tour.
5 stars
RG, Bolivia
11th Jun 2015
The walking was well managed by guide and intercomm were helpful to listen all explanations. Expertise of the guide is valuable (Irina) thanks. Could be good if tour includes a bottle of water for each person.
5 stars
LR, Australia
7th Jun 2015
When we saw the number of people lined up to get into the Vatican we were happy we had prebooked. The guide for Tickitaly was very informative and passionate. We enjoyed the tour immensely.
5 stars
BV, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
5th May 2015
The tour was excellent! We jumped the queues and got an extremely thorough tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica! I was super happy with the guide who was helpful and was able to answer all the questions we had! Would definitely book again! Bit on the pricey side but worth the money
5 stars
PG, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
14th Apr 2015
The whole experience was amazing. Our tour guide was very informative
5 stars
AG, Canada
6th Apr 2015
Excellent tour and information. Very good guide and great way to pass the line up which is can take hours
5 stars
LM, Australia
4th Mar 2015
What a delight Camilla was. It was a memorable experience. Didn't quite expect the crowds so it was very difficult to keep up & take photos but understand the necessity to keep moving to accomodate the throng of people. In terms of interaction & knowledge Camilla was extraordinary.
5 stars
BM, Jersey
8th Feb 2015
Great visit. The tour guide was excellent
5 stars
WC, United States
15th Jan 2015
Roberta was great. The tour was just as represented on your website. Heard other tour members say they paid more and received less than promised when booking through their hotel.
5 stars
DT, Australia
9th Nov 2014
Very knowledgable and entertaining guide. Good AV equipment. Nice pace. No complaints.
5 stars
BH, United States
8th Nov 2014
Great tour. It was long, and there was a lot of information. With this much time though you get to see a LOT of the Vatican and its amazing galleries.
5 stars
MM, United States
7th Oct 2014
The tour guide was amazing. Very thorough and made the experience very memorable. We had audio equipment the entire time which was also very nice.
5 stars
JB, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
4th Oct 2014
The guide could have been slightly more enthusiastic and provided more insight into the art. Microphone was too quiet for the size of the group. Great experience.
5 stars
SI, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
13th Sep 2014
I missed the first tour at 8.30am. I rebooked the tour for later on the same day, The Wonder Tour at 2.30pm. I was the only person on the tour. The guide, I cannot recall her name, was very informative. Also I was not well, feeling sick and coughing. The guide took care of me throughout the afternoon and helped me get the bus back to my hotel. Please give her my thanks.
5 stars
PP, United States
20th Aug 2014
Our tour guide, Daniel, was fantastic, and the 8.30 am tour was set up extremely well. We took one other tour in Rome with a different company -- and wished we would have gone with Tickitaly instead!
5 stars
JA, United States
12th Aug 2014
Tour was amazing. Our guide was very well informed, an art professor. You could not ask for better.
5 stars
MM, South Africa
21st Jul 2014
Daniel is a wonderful tour guide!!
5 stars
PT, United States
17th Jun 2014
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and made sure we saw everything.
5 stars
VL, United States
12th Jun 2014
This was an awesome tour. The guide was very knowledgable. The headset made it very easy to hear. Would recommend this tour

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