the cathedral.

Guided tours of the duomo and surrounds.

Dominating central Florence is the magnificent Duomo (cathedral) and it's dome by Brunelleschi, along with the adjacent clock tower and baptistery.
“Our tour guide definitely loved Florence, and he explained the history of each of the buildings and pointed the most important works of art. It was a comprehensible tour at our pace - exactly the type of tour I like! Thank you very much for the wonderful experience!”
GF, United States
“A wonderful tour, conducted by a knowledgable and passionate advocate for the history of Florence and its precious churches, museums and art.” JM, Australia

“Guide was very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. Made a group tour seem more like a private tour.” MS, USA

Florence Cathedral in 30 minutes, skip-the-queue tour

It is, of course, impossible to 'miss' Florence's Cathedral - Duomo - Brunelleschi's truly incredible dome - Cupola - dominates the skyline and is there, framed, at the end of many a perspective. It's a lot eaier to miss the interior, either through off-putting queues at busy times, or by a lack of information inside the building itself. This brief yet insightful tour is the answer to those issues.

The tour lasts approximately thirty minutes, ten of those spent outside learning about the design and construction of this incredible building - as well as the Piazza del Duomo and the adjacent clock-tower - and twenty minutes inside, an informed look back at the often turbulent history that has played out within the walls.

You'll be met and accompanied by your licensed tour guide and you'll be sure to miss nothing, even when things are crowded, as you'll be listening in via a provided audio system.

Last but not least, you'll be skipping any queues on the day, queues that are often off-puttingly long at busy times. The English language tour runs six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and runs at either 10.30 AM or 12.30 PM; the tour is also available in Spanish on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (10.30 AM).

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Florence Cathedral in 30 minutes, skip-the-queue tour

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5 stars
NG, South Africa
10th Apr 2017
Wonderful to skip the long queues...great way to see the Cathedral with just enough information given. Guide was well informed and interesting. Great tour!