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Rome, Eco-friendly E-Bike tour, small group

Make the most of your time in Rome by taking a bike tour of the city. The Eco-friendly E-bike tour lasts 4 hours and allows you to visit all the major historical and cultural sites as well as the hidden treasures and back streets you would normally miss in a vehicle. Tour groups are small (a maximum of 10 people) and the electric bikes will let you take in all the must-see sights in an enjoyable and effortless way. Departing from the Trastevere district at 9.15 AM, your tour will end in time for lunch. Runs Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

You start your tour in the city centre, passing Piazza Venezia, viewing the exterior of the Colosseum with an opportunity to take photographs, then through the site of the ancient Trajan's Baths and onwards to see an ancient Roman acquaduct.

Passing through the lush park of Villa Celimontana you continue to the Circus Maximus - the largest stadium ever built and now a wide park area.

You will then head up the Aventine (your E-bike doing most of the work!) where you will have one of the most stunning views of the city. Descending to the Greek Ghetto you will find the famous Bocca della Verità or Mouth of Truth which legend says will bite off your hand if you are not truthful. From here you will continue up the Capitoline Hill offering splendid views of the Forum.

Passing by the massive Trajan's Column and making your way through some back streets you arrive at the Trevi Fountain, surely one of the most famous fountains in the world, and from there on to the Spanish Steps.

A few minutes ride from the Spanish Steps takes you to Villa Borghese, one of the city's largest parks and giving the best view you will have over the city from the Pincio Hill. From here you will descend to the biggest square in Rome, the Piazza del Popolo, and on to the burial site of the first Emperor of Rome, the Mausoleum of Augustus.

The next stop is the remarkable Pantheon, still intact after nearly 2000 years, followed by a delicious ice cream and visits to Piazza Navona, built on the site of the 1st century Stadium of Domitian, Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Farnese with the splendid Palazzo Farnesse, home to the French Embassy in Rome.

Crossing the river at Ponte Sisto (named for the Pope who built the Sistine Chapel) the next stop is Trastevere and a wander through this fascinating 'rione', full of character with its narrow cobbled streets and alive with bars and restaurants.

Recrossing the river, this time over the Tiber Island, one of the oldest parts of Rome and boasting the oldest bridge in the city dating back to Ancient Roman times, you proceed through the historic Jewish Quarter to the Theatre of Marcellus, a Colosseum lookalike which actually predates it by 100 years.

At this point the tour ends but your guide is happy to give help and advice if you want to retrace your steps or revisit the highlights of your tour. You'll be ready for lunch, but not exhausted - the best thing about using an electric bike is that you barely have to pedal, the bike goes by itself - save your energy for framing you camera shots, not for pedalling!

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4.0 stars out of 5 from 1 ratings.

4 stars
AS, United States
6th Apr 2017
Enjoyed the back roads tour and guide was good. Less informative from an architectural perspective but really a fantastic was to see Rome. Also, we were disappointed and a little stressed because we were given on our voucher the wrong meeting address and spent a lot of extra $$ getting to and from to make it to the correct location.