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Rome, Italy - the Villa dei Quintilli - visit with the Rome archaeological pass

The Villa Dei Quintilli is one of the nine Rome museums / archaeological sites that may be visited using the Rome Archaeological pass. Below is some background information.

The Tomb Of Cecilia Metella, Castrum Caetani and the Villa Dei Quintilli have now reopened to visitors, having been restored during the major works that Rome set in place to mark the millennium. The buildings now form part of an archeological complex which also includes the first section of the ancient Appian Way, Rome’s most important road (and known as the regina viarum, or queen of the roads).

The Villa was the largest private villa outside Rome itself and belonged to the two Quintillius brothers, both of them Senators.

The Quintilli were vastly wealthy and started laying out their estate, which included baths and even a hippodrome, in the second century AD. So vast was the estate that the ruins seem to suggest a town rather than a villa, and indeed the excavated area was given the name Roma Vecchia (or ‘old Rome’).

Hubris was a dangerous quality in Ancient Rome, as Julius Caesar found out, and the Emperor Commodus soon had his eye on this luxury country house on the Appian Way. Commodus had the brothers beheaded in 182AD on a (probably manufactured) charge of conspiracy, and snatched their property.

During the Middle Ages, part of the villa became fortified. Now though, this picturesque ruin, reopened to the public in 2000, perfectly evokes the campagna romana, where rich Romans escaped the cares of the city.

Via Appia Nuova 1092, on the road to Ciampino airport. Open 9am until an hour before sunset; closed Mondays.

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