January 17, 2017

Rome, 2013 Titian exhibition – tickets now on sale


‘Tiziano’, Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome
March 1st – June 16th 2013

Eagerly awaited, this exhibition is one of the grandest to grace Rome in recent years and pulls in masterpieces from across the globe:

‘Concert’ and ‘La Bella’ from the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Flora (above) from the the Uffizi, the Gozzi Altarpiece from Ancona, Danaë and the Shower of Gold from Capodimonte, Charles V with a Dog and the Self-portrait from the Prado.

To quote from the official press release for the exhibition:

Titian’s entire artistic career will be represented at the highest level, decade by decade, underscoring his masterly sense of colour and the development of his brushwork, which proved capable of surpassing the boundaries of painterly imagination.

Tickets for the Rome Titian exhibition 2013

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