December 8, 2016

Sistine Chapel – pollution and conservation

An image from the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

First it was:

(ANSA) – Vatican City, September 3 – The level of atmospheric pollution in the Sistine Chapel is too high and the masses who walk through it each day threaten the priceless art there, the director of the Vatican Museums said Friday. [link]

Then, a few days later:

Paolucci recently said the levels of atmospheric pollution in the Chapel were too high and the masses who walk through it each day might threaten the priceless art there.

But he told ANSA: “I never said the frescoes were in danger”[link].

Obviously a slight stepping back there, not wanting to frighten the 10,000+ daily visitors, but clearly there is a need to look towards proper climate control and protective measures. Or perhaps, after you look up, gasp in amazement or awe … just hold your breath?

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